The cryptocurrency MADSTAR is now available on decentralized exchanges worldwide

New supply of MADSTAR may only be received here through Our customers receive MADSTAR as our way of thanking them for their patronage each month. Additional MADSTAR may be provided to anyone who makes a charitable contribution to Madstar Mobile. We use those funds to help with our continued growth and expansion as a competing carrier while you receive the increased supply of the cryptocurrency MADSTAR for your contribution.

You must also have an account on one of the approved decentralized exchanges we are listed on. Your exchange account is where you can then sell or trade your MADSTAR. Create a free account on and receive 3 free MADSTAR while this promotion lasts. 

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Download the Android app for the wallet and decentralized exchange to buy, sell, trade or pay someone for products or services in MADSTAR. You can use app if you have MADSTAR with any of the approved exchanges, such as BitShares, WINEX, OpenLedger, RuDEX or GDEX.


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