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We make it easy for you to own MADSTAR. After you create an account on and/or make a charitable contribution we will provide you the increased supply of new MADSTAR. Please follow the step by step instructions and use the links here on this page. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions use the contact form below.


Although you may buy, sell or trade MADSTAR on any of the approved exchanges. is the creator and the only one who can provide new supply of MADSTAR here from the founding repository. We may also randomly provide issuer incentives of additional MADSTAR to those who have contributed on We allow charitable contributions in USD and other fiat currencies and then provide the equivalent value or more in MADSTAR.

This brief tutorial will walk you through the process of getting a fully functional exchange account and wallet that has your MADSTAR in it on the blockchain.

Step 1 – Register with

Create an account on by opening a new window here: Create Account

This website should auto detect to reflect correctly step #1 and step #2 as seen on the picture below based upon your current location. However, your computers settings may not allow this. Therefore check to make sure you are seeing in your preferred language and that it is set to your contributing currency. Then select step #3 on to view other pages, account registration and to login.

Clicking on step #3 as shown above will then take you to the dropdown tab view as seen below. When creating a new account each new registrant is provided 3 Madstar. Issuer incentives further convert unissued supply of Madstar from the founding repository and provide it to you from your charitable contributions through

Step 2 - Create an approved decentralized exchange account

You must create an account on any of the approved decentralized exchanges to receive MADSTAR from us. You may create an account in the frame below or open a new window using this link: Create A Bitshares Account

Skip this step 2 if you already have an account with any one of the following exchanges. WINEX, GDEX, RuDEX, OpenLedger, CryptoBridge, BitEmpire, EasyDEX or BitShares.

Below is a list with links of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges that has MADSTAR listed. You may use any of them to open an account, receive, buy, sell or trade your MADSTAR.

Masonicoin is on Bitshares Bitshares

Masonicoin is on RuDEX RuDEX

Masonicoin is on WINEX WINEX

Masonicoin is on EasyDEX EasyDEX

Masonicoin is on GDEX GDEX

Masonicoin is on BitEmpireBitEmpire

Masonicoin is on OpenLedger OpenLedger

Masonicoin is on CryptoBridge CryptoBridge

A password is used to protect your wallet, which contains your private keys that may be stored on your computer. Securely store your password after you create an exchange account and never provide your passwords to us or anyone. The username and password you create cannot be changed or recovered if lost.



NOTE: If or when you would like to convert MADSTAR to another cryptocurrency or liquidate your position, it must be done by submitting an order through an exchange account. As like all decentralized exchanges there may be a fee for processing the transaction and it is a zero sum game. Meaning there must be a buyer for every seller and a seller of every buyer. Some orders may process immediately while others take time or do not get executed at all.

Step 3 - Contact Us (You can use the form below on this page)

After you have chosen and created an exchange account you will need to provide us your new exchange account username. You may send us a message on the contact page or by using the submission form below. Your name and email must be accurate and match what you provided at the time of registration and/or your contribution. You only need to do this once. We will then verify and internally provide your Madstar on the blockchain to that username on the exchange in roughly 24 hours.

Please never provide us or anyone else your password. We will never ask for it and we do not need it. We can verify the username you provided is an actual account created and then internally issue your Madstar on the blockchain. You should receive an email and text message confirmation when complete.

Optional Step - Download the android app and a desktop platform

Download the Android app for the wallet and decentralized exchange to buy, sell, trade or pay someone for products or services in MADSTAR. You can use this app if you have MADSTAR with any of the approved exchanges, such as BitShares, RuDEX or GDEX.

Only available for android devices at this time. Either search for BitShares in the google play store or use the link below to view and download.

The next optional step is to download and install the desktop client version.

After you have downloaded the latest version for your computer and installed the application, start it up and accept the license. If or when you would like to convert MADSTAR to another cryptocurrency or liquidate your position, it must be done through the exchange.

NOTE: We provide additional incentives for our wireless customers so please also let us know if you are a Madstar Mobile customer or associated with any of our partners.


Thank you for being a part of the Madstar Mobile movement!

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