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Issuer incentives convert unissued supply of Madstar from the founding repository and provide it to you for being a Madstar Mobile customer and/or because of your charitable contribution here on

There is a maximum total supply that limits the quantity and availability of Madstar. When you contribute here the founding repository converts unissued to issued Madstar which increases the overall total supply on the exchanges. Although newly issued supply has increased, it is generally held by new account holders while the limited availability of unissued decreases. Your charitable contribution here helps increase supply and reserves you a piece of Madstar on the blockchain.

We ask that new issue be held for 90 days unless there is a significant increase in value due to high demand on the exchanges. That may timely help fulfill open interest and provide liquidity. If you are a cryptocurrency trader planning to buy, sell or trade Madstar in the short term then please purchase Madstar on an approved decentralized exchange.


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