MADSTAR is listed on the exchange

MADSTAR is now on the exchange XBTS

The group from has been involved with blockchain technology for a long time. They have successfully developed blockchain games, blockchain apps and have now decided to open up their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange using the Graphene blockchain that allows Masonicoin to be listed and traded through their new exchange, XBTS. 

You may also get MADSTAR with your local fiat currency at who also provides as a one-way payment gateway.

About Integrated Blockchain System:

SmartHoldem platform has developed the sustainable and game-changing blockchain. It has additional features in decentralized in-game networks, p2p networks, and new technologies in distributed systems.


To learn more about Madstar Mobile visit and or to create an account with the XBTS exchange, visit

MADSTAR is listed on exchange XBTS

View of MADSTAR on exchange XBTS July 20, 2018

MADSTAR is listed on exchange XBTS


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