MADSTAR is now listed on BitEmpire

MADSTAR is now available to buy, sell or trade on the Chinese exchange Bit Empire.


 About MADSTAR on Bit Empire:

Graphene is the underlying architecture and technology founded by Daniel Larimer. Based on this brilliant architecture, Daniel has developed Bitshares, Steem, EOS and other far-reaching projects on the blockchain. Masonicoin chose the Graphene protocol thanks to its ease of use, high performance, security, scalability and because of our trust in Daniel's technology.

This highly advanced blockchain with its ease of use allows decentralized exchanges like Bit Empire in China to have Masonicoin listed and traded on a global scale.

The Renminbi (RMB) is the official fiat currency of the People's Republic of China. 


Visit to view and learn more about Bit Empire. Then click on the "BTS Exchange" tab to login or create an account with Bit Empire's cryptocurrency exchange or visit the exchange by clicking here. To view Bit Empires userguide: 

MADSTAR / BTS on the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Bit Empire

MADSTAR is on BitEmpire


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