MADSTAR is available on GDEX

You can now buy, sell or trade MADSTAR on the decentralized exchange GDEX.

You can now buy, sell or trade Madstar on the decentralized exchange GDEX. GDEX officially listed MADSTAR on May 1st 2018. Users can recharge, withdraw, and trade on the GDEX official website. GDEX is a decentralized digital asset exchange with assets like Masonicoin based on the Graphene blockchain.

There are two kinds of GDEX account modes, one is the account mode and the other is the wallet mode.The difference between the two modes is that the account mode can only use the password to log in to the account, and the wallet mode requires the wallet file and the password to be used together to log in to the account. Therefore, the account mode is more convenient and wallet mode is more secure.

Web Side: (GDEX official website)

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GDEX was a main sponsor for the 2018 Graphene DevCon. MADSTAR uses the Graphene protocol and technology. Graphene is for real-time blockchains created by Daniel Larimer, who developed influential projects based on this framework including Bitshares, Steem, EOS.

View the GDEX tutorial here: GDEX Tutorial

MASONICOIN / BTS on the global decentralized exchange, GDEX. View on June 21, 2018MADSTAR BTS view on GDEX


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