MADSTAR gets major media coverage

The telecommunication company Madstar Mobile created its own cryptocurrency and received national press from major media, financial and industry news outlets.

Being a new cryptocurrency and getting listed on an exchange is a big deal. It provides legitimacy and the opportunity for those who buy and own MADSTAR liquidity. The Madstar Mobile cryptocurrency MADSTAR is currently listed on several different decentralized exchanges including Bitshares, CryptoBridge, OpenLedger, WINEX and RuDEX.

In addition to getting listed on several major crypto exchanges we offer a rare fiat on ramp which makes it even more accepting and appealing. A fiat gateway by the cryptocurrency allows credit cards and bank transfers and seems to be what other cryptocurrencies are lacking by leaving it to the exchanges or third party payment gateways.

We provide MADSTAR on with the use of proceeds going towards our continued growth and expansion as a national and international wireless carrier. You must create or already have an account on one of the approved decentralized exchanges. 

A few links to read the article:

Major Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX,

Local News: Hawaii, Oklahoma, Arizona, Ohio

Industry & Financial News: Stock News, Wall Street, Boston Herold

Madstar Mobile in the news


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